Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA)
Car Parking

(Rome, Italy)

A single car park situated adjacent to the terminal building is available to drivers arriving at Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA).

The car park offers a total of 1,900 spaces for short-term, long-term and disabled parking.


Short-term parking is available in the airport's single car parking facility, the first 15 minutes is free and thereafter a hourly charge applies, or half hourly for the first 30 minutes and payable upon exiting. For more information call: +39 06 7949 4353.


Long-term parking is available alongside short-term parking in the airport's single car park. Rates vary according to the length of time and security is provided. Booking online is possible. For more information call: +39 06 7949 4353


Eight spaces are allocated to disabled drivers in the airport's single car parking facility. These are conveniently located near to the car park's exit/entrance, making access to the terminal convenient for disabled passengers. Further assistance can be arranged by calling the airport or your respective airline in advance of your arrival at the airport.

Rome Airport CIA

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